Latest News (Article)
  Donation from Maryknoll Medical and Welfare Association
  MMWA had contributed a sum of HKD87,800 on the replacement of a set of dental X-ray equipment for our Dental Unit. A commemorative plaque was made in thanking support from the Ladies.
  Hospital Authority Summer Student Program 2018
  A Form 4 student YEUNG Ho Yan from Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary) had attended this year summer student program organized by Hospital Authority. The program provides an opportunity for the students in preparing for the choice in their future studies/ career.
  Endoscopy Unit of the Board
    Construction Work is about to commence at 3/F OPD Block and target to complete by early 2019.  
  Endoscopy Unit
  In supporting the Government "Colonoscopy Screening Programme", OLMH Board will construct an Endoscopy Unit at 3/F of OPD Block. Tenders on the construction work are now underway and the new unit is target to commission in early 2019. OLMH Board has also planned to launch the free/ subsidized screening programme for those high-risk patients. Operation plan is now under preparation.
  Hospital Redevelopment

With the approval of funding in Finance Committee of Legislative Council in May 2018, the Hospital will then finalize the requirements in the Technical Feasibility Statement and work out the decanting plan. Demolition of North and East Wing will take place sometimes in 2020 and the construction of new building is target to complete by 2024.

During the reconstruction period, our Community Specialty Service at OPD Block will not be affected and maintain in normal operation.

  Suspension of Private Beds

The private beds in the private ward had been closed since November 2017 in housing the Hospital Authority Community Nursing Service.

Private beds under OLMH Board will be re-commissioned upon the opening of new refurbished Hospital building.