Colorectal Cancer Screening Program
  In 2012, colorectal cancer became the second most common cancer after the lung cancer in Hong Kong. There were 4563 diagnosed colorectal cancer cases in that year, accounting for 16.47% of all cancer cases. In 2013, colorectal cancer was the second most common causes of cancer death, resulting in a total of 1981 registered deaths and accounting for 14.6% of all cancer deaths. As the risk of colorectal cancer increases significantly from aged 50, persons aged 50 to 75 should consider for colorectal screening. THE HKSAR Government started a Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme in 2016 to fund for colonoscopy in private sector for high risk patients and elderly of aged over 75 in order to reduce the waiting time for the procedure investigation and to have earlier surgery when cancer cases are detected. In 2018, the HKSAR Government has extended the programme to those who are aged 50 or above.Our new endoscopy suite can assist the Government to offer investigation for the needy patients in shortening the waiting time and procedure could be done within one or two weeks.. Our Board also commission a free screening programme for those who are not in the target groups of Government"s scheme so as to allow people to receive the investigation earlier.  


  In supporting the HKSAR Government on Colorectal Cancer Screening Program, our Board also launches a free similar screening program for high risk patients.  
  • The “screening” comprises of data collections on the patient’s profile and medical history.
  • Patients will be offered free occult blood test.
  • Patients will be arranged for free repeated tests, if found positive.
  • If repeated results show sign of colorectal abnormality, patient can seek consultation and follow-up by our Community Specialty Clinic doctors.
  • Colonoscopy and / or surgical operation would be subsequently arranged.
Charges effective from July 1, 2019:(Prices listed on this site are for reference only.)
Consultation fee per attendance $350/per
Colonoscopy (without polyp excision) $7,800
Colonoscopy (with polyp excision) $8,800
  1. Additional doctor fee and instruments charge of $1,200 - $2,500 pending on the required clinical procedures.
  2. Each biopsy specimen pathology charge $600
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