Pastoral Ministry Department

Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital is a Catholic hospital, which has a very strong foundation that enhances spirituality through holistic care. Our Pastoral Ministry team was started in July 1977. It was in response to the objectives for which the Hospital was established. They are namely “to give witness to the love of Christ by ministering to the ‘total person’ – the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs – with a deep respect for human dignity.” We were the first hospital to offer this service in providing psychological and spiritual care for our patients. Sister Adelaida Valde, a Maryknoll Sister, was our first Pastoral Care Giver, who extended her caring and concern to patients and families in need.

Regardless of race, creed or life-status, our team members are available to out-patients, in-patients, family members and Staff. We work to allay fear and apprehension in the following ways: by listening, by being present, by clarifying hospital procedures, by providing supportive care and spiritual comfort including praying with and for the patients. The team members also assist the dying patients and their family members to cope with the fears and pains associated with loss and grief.