Our pastoral care service mainly focuses on visiting patients regardless of race, creed or life status. Through active listening, journeying and accompaniment, the pastoral care giver aids patients and families in ventilating their emotions. We explore the meaning of life and suffering together with the patient so as to discover a new hope from the seemingly hopeless and helpless situation. No matter which hospital department is treating a patient, they all experience anxiety and fear in the different stages of their illness. Every single visit is unique and valuable, as every single encounter could be an opportunity for transformation and an experience of the transcendence in their life.

We give special support to the patient who has received bad news, which shakes up their lives. We journey with them and share different perspectives in order to broaden their minds and discover new choices available to them. We accompany families as they go through unexpected and devastating changes in the patient’s physical health. Also, they might experience a sudden loss of their love. We listen to their expressions of grief about their losses and support them with empathetic care.